Recapping my Flatiron School Experience

Wow. Here we are. The end of my bootcamp experience with Flatiron School. It been a long 15 weeks (actually a couple extra due to the holidays), and I mean long. When I first started I reflected on my past experiences in college and was preparing myself for that kind of reality, a decent workload but nothing crazy. Well let me tell you, a coding bootcamp is nothing like that.

Bootcamps are kind of like drinking from an information water hose with no shutoff insight, and for good reason. Its a ton of stuff to learn! And not only learn the material but re-wire your brain to think like a coder. But i’ll be damned if it didn't work. Here at the end I write and read code like I do english, I can find bugs pretty dang quick, and I find myself either dreaming of code or writing it in my head as I do daily tasks.

We started with Ruby, learning enumerable’s and how to iterate through data. Once that was mastered (or at least became passable) we moved onto using Ruby to create backends while sinking our teeth into Javascript. Learning about the DOM and how to make things show up on a webpage was a bit difficult for me, but after some drilling and practice it became second nature. Then we moved onto React to create beautiful single page web apps. Finally we were directed to go learn a new technology for our capstones, I choose React Native (cause mobile apps are sweet). I certainly wouldn’t call my self a master coder, but I do think I can start to hold my own in some code challenges!

I thought it was going to be extremely difficult, and I was right. It was difficult but the folks over at FIS Denver are experts at teaching people to be developers and their system works. With such intensive immersion into the subject writing code has become like a second language to me and I couldn't be more excited.

Huge shouts to FIS Denver and all the instructors that guided my classmates and I through the murky waters. Now time for me to… learn more code!

Full Stack Software Engineer with an Oilfield past